Presenting bumblebees with various combinations of natural and artificial flowers laced with chemical and mechanical cues, UA biologists have discovered that for a bumblebee, foraging for pollen versus nectar is very different.
For the first time, an actual, but harmless, space rock will be used for an observational campaign to test NASA's network of observatories and scientists who work with planetary defense.
A new analysis of Greenland's past temperatures will help scientists figure out how fast the island's vast ice sheet is melting, according to a new report from University of Arizona atmospheric scientists.
Wildfires in Arizona have become more frequent and intense over time. As monsoon rains extinguished the 27,000-acre Burro Fire on Mount Lemmon, we asked University of Arizona fire ecologist Donald Falk to drive up with us and share his thoughts.

UA Science: A Place of Discovery and Innovation

Joaquin Ruiz, DeanThe University of Arizona College of Science brings together globally prominent faculty in disciplines at the core of scientific inquiry and education. One of the largest colleges at the University of Arizona, we are a nexus of award-winning programs that encourage both independent and collaborative-driven research. Our academic departments, schools and research units encompass the range of physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive and life sciences. UA Science is among the most powerful and prolific academic research centers in the world, recognized and rewarded for the unparalleled caliber of our achievements. With over 7,500 undergraduate and graduate students, we are an integrative learning institution, where accomplished faculty and next-generation scientists engage side-by-side in groundbreaking research. Our scientists and students also share their knowledge with the local and broader community through extensive outreach and public service initiatives. Our mission is to encourage the aggressive pursuit of research excellence, to support novel teaching and outreach programs and to create economic opportunities for our community.

Joaquin Ruiz, Dean

Birth of a New Protein: How Evolution Does More Than Tinker
A UA-led team including Matthew Cordes and Joanna Masel has found that a protein from a new gene can fold like more ancient proteins, contrary to what had been believed.
UA Expertise Comes Into Play for UN-Led Climate Services Program
Relying on strengths in human geography and political and climate science, researchers have completed an assessment of the Global Framework for Climate Services program.
Earth's New Buddy Is Asteroid, Not Space Junk
Astronomers led by the UA's Vishnu Reddy have confirmed the true asteroid nature of one of Earth's companions on its journey around the sun. The small near-Earth object known as 2016 HO3 measures no more than 100 meters across and appears to circle around the Earth as a "quasi-satellite."
UA to Head New Center Focusing on Biofuels and Bioproducts
The Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions Center, headed by Kimberly Ogden, will focus on the mass production of biofuels and bioproducts in the Southwestern U.S.
UA Leads STEM Traineeship to Address Needs of Navajo Nation
With about 35 percent of homes in the Navajo Nation not connected to central power or drinking water, a new UA research traineeship is aimed at addressing such challenges.

Workplace Climate Survey

The College of Science is conducting a Workplace Climate Survey for faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students. The results will be used to help ensure a positive, respectful, and inclusive workplace.


Undergraduate Research

The research opportunities available to UA Science undergraduates make this college a smart choice for students who want to grow academically, socially, and intellectually.


Tucson: Science Lives Here

UA Science invites you to experience telescopes atop of Tucson's highest peak, a century-old ecological laboratory and the world-class attraction, Biosphere 2.


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