UA's Flandrau Planetarium Theater to Reopen After Remodeling

The venue now features new seating, acoustic enhancements and lighting along with an improved layout for its shows. Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium first opened in 1975.

2 Weeks to Launch for OSIRIS-REx Mission

After undergoing months of testing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the spacecraft, tasked with carrying out the first U.S. mission to bring back a sample from an asteroid, soon will be enclosed in the nose cone of its launch rocket. Then the countdown to the Sept. 8 liftoff will be underway.

Meet 'Adonis,' Europe’s Oldest Known Living Tree

Researchers from the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research participated in an expedition that revealed the age of the tree, living in the highlands of Greece, as nearly 1,100 years.

Video Storytelling Technology Licensed to UA Startup

Developed by the UA media team that produced "Beyond the Mirage," the Filmstacker system allows users to create, share and discuss online mini-documentaries.

Pacific Sea Level Predicts Global Temperature Changes

A UA-led research team figured out that sea level changes in the Pacific Ocean can be used to estimate future global average surface temperatures. Scientists had not previously connected Pacific sea level with changes in the globe’s temperatures.

NASA's Surveyor Lander Brought the Moon to the World

Digital? Who needs digital? That was the thinking back in the 1960s, and years later the UA Space Imagery Center has produced valuable digitized film from the project.

Precision Medicine Has Applications for Pancreatic Cancer

The UA Health Sciences is blazing a trail with the personalized, patient-directed approach necessary to improve treatment outcomes for certain cancers with a poor prognosis.

UA Engineers Twist Physics Laws to Boost Sonic Science

UA engineers are stretching the bounds of sound to develop quieter, smarter and more sustainable products with a $1.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

UA Astronomy Benefactor Richard F. Caris Dies at 81

The renowned Mirror Lab bears the name of the longtime supporter of astronomy, whose gift of $20 million enabled the UA to be a founding partner of the Giant Magellan Telescope.

UA Alumnus Aims to Send Glider to Record 90,000 Feet

Aerospace engineer Ed Warnock is preparing to launch an engineless aircraft to the edge of space — and elevate our knowledge about climate, the ozone layer and flying on Mars.