International Businesswoman Credits UA for Career Success

Zlática Kraljevic carried the lessons she learned at the UA to a far-reaching career that has spanned multiple industries, from energy services to global consulting and education.

UA Undergraduate Mines Data from Mars Curiosity Rover

Scientists from around the world are working on the NASA Curiosity rover mission. What makes the UA's Mars Science Laboratory team unique is undergraduate student Gordon Downs.

Elevated Androgens Don't Hinder Lemur Dads' Parenting

Research by anthropologist Stacey Tecot shows that lemur fathers experience elevated levels of androgens (male sex hormones) when they care for their infants — which wasn't expected.

Planet-Forming Disks May Resemble Solar System 5 Billion Years Ago

A team of scientists led by the UA has imaged a cluster of about 110 protoplanetary disks in the Orion Nebula, and the findings may provide insights into the birth of our solar system.

Arizona's Summer Monsoon Still No Match for India's

Our stormy season officially starts on Friday, and the forecast is for above-average rainfall and warmer-than-average temperatures. The storms provide up to half of Tucson's annual rainfall.

Antarctic Ice Loss Ramps Up, Speeding Sea Level Rise

An international scientific team that includes UA geoscientist Christopher Harig reports that a sharp uptick in the loss of Antarctic ice since 2012 is contributing to rising seas.

Giving Students the KEYS to STEM Success

"KEYS is one of the reasons that I can’t wait to find my role in using science to make the world a better place," incoming UA freshman Kyle Kline said of his BIO5 KEYS Research Internship.

UA-Related Firms Receive First Local Venture Capital Investments

Tucson's newest early-stage capital fund, UA Venture Capital Fund LLC, has announced that its first three investments will include UA-connected companies Codelucida and Regulonix.

Study: UA Tech Park Has $2B Economic Impact

The UA Tech Park, a center for high-wage jobs, remains one of the largest employment hubs in southern Arizona, hosting 52 companies and organizations that employ 5,870 skilled workers.

Engineers Bring Life Source to San Carlos Apache Community

Last year, a team of UA researchers helped design and create a solar-powered water-purification bus for the Navajo Nation. This year, a different reservation's needs are in focus.


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