Exploring a Desert Portal to Other Worlds

The merge between astronomy and geology, necessary to get humans to the moon, led to field trips that continue to this day, enabling fledgling scientists to interpret data from far-off worlds without leaving Earth.

From Points of Light to Worlds: UA Explores the Solar System

A determined bunch of scientists set out to map the moon in preparation of the Apollo landings, but that was only the beginning. A new field of science blossomed, and UA scientists have been involved in nearly every U.S. space mission since.

Chemist Creates Program to Support Vets in STEM

Assistant professor Michael Marty is developing a program to support veteran students who are pursuing STEM degrees and bring their skills to research labs at the University of Arizona.

Four Questions: Celebrating OSIRIS-REx on Asteroid Day

When she’s not in class or training to qualify for next year’s Boston Marathon, you can find undergraduate Stephanie Stewart hard at work with her teammates on OSIRIS-REx, NASA’s first asteroid sample return mission.

How the University of Arizona Guided Men to the Moon

A University of Arizona team imaged and mapped the surface of the moon, which allowed them and NASA to understand the moon’s geology and choose landing sites for future robotic and Apollo missions.

People with ALS May Benefit From More Glucose

A new study led by scientists at the UA has uncovered a potential new way to treat patients with ALS, a debilitating neurodegenerative disease.

These Neurons Affect How Much You Do, or Don't, Want to Eat

UA researchers have identified a network of neurons that coordinate with other brain regions to influence eating behaviors, which could help with appetite loss or overeating.

Mining Safety, Health Focus of $1.7M Grant

Researchers at the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health will study alternatives to diesel fuel, commonly used to power equipment in underground mines, to reduce cancer and respiratory disease in miners.

Late Start to Monsoon Season? Maybe Not.

While many forecasters are predicting this year's monsoon storms will appear later than usual, UA climatologists say the start of the 2019 monsoon season is still up in the air.

Groundwater Pumping Has Significantly Reduced US Stream Flows

A new study led by a UA hydrologist is the first to examine the impact of large-scale groundwater pumping that began in the U.S. in the 1950s on surface waters.


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