UArizona Moon Researchers Helped NASA Nail Apollo 12 Pinpoint Landing

Ewen Whitaker identified the correct location of the Surveyor 3 landing site, making NASA's demonstration of a pinpoint landing of Apollo 12 possible.

When Reporting Climate-Driven Human Migration, Place Matters

Climate researchers have shown that the conversation around migration out of Central America should be more nuanced and based on local trends rather than regional expectations.

Mysteries Behind Interstellar Buckyballs Finally Answered

Researchers discovered a mechanism that could explain why planetary nebulae are teeming with unseemingly complex carbon molecules.

A Third of California Methane Traced to a Few Super-Emitters

UArizona researcher Riley Duren led a team that identified more than 550 individual point sources emitting plumes of highly concentrated methane.

'Googly Eyes' Bridge Gap Between Virtual and Actual Reality

The Extended Reality and Games Lab at the University of Arizona is engaged in a number of projects that blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

A Massive Mount for Giant Mirrors

The signing of the contract for producing the massive support structure that will hold the seven mirrors manufactured at the University of Arizona marks a major step toward completion of the next-generation ground-based telescope that promises to revolutionize our understanding and view of the universe.

Using Computational Chemistry to Produce Cheaper Infrared Plastic Lenses

A new polymer material could bring consumers affordable access to consumer-grade infrared detectors in products such as autonomous cars and in-home thermal imaging for security or fire protection.

Bringing Policy and Law Into Fight Against Buffelgrass

Using buffelgrass as the subject of a new study, researchers hope to develop the tools and knowledge to enable proactive management of emerging threats from invasive species.

Cosmic 3D Mapping Machine Opens 5,000 Robotic Eyes

DESI is an unprecedented effort to map millions of galaxies and quasars to better understand the nature of dark energy – the mysterious force that has pulled the universe apart since the Big Bang.

Researchers 'Turn on the Lights' Across the Plant Tree of Life

In the largest plant genome project to date, researchers generated gene sequences from more than 1,100 species, providing a framework for 1 billion years of green plant evolution.


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