Birth of a New Protein: How Evolution Does More Than Tinker

A UA-led team including Matthew Cordes and Joanna Masel has found that a protein from a new gene can fold like more ancient proteins, contrary to what had been believed.

UA Expertise Comes Into Play for UN-Led Climate Services Program

Relying on strengths in human geography and political and climate science, researchers have completed an assessment of the Global Framework for Climate Services program.

Earth's New Buddy Is Asteroid, Not Space Junk

Astronomers led by the UA's Vishnu Reddy have confirmed the true asteroid nature of one of Earth's companions on its journey around the sun. The small near-Earth object known as 2016 HO3 measures no more than 100 meters across and appears to circle around the Earth as a "quasi-satellite."

UA to Head New Center Focusing on Biofuels and Bioproducts

The Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions Center, headed by Kimberly Ogden, will focus on the mass production of biofuels and bioproducts in the Southwestern U.S.

Ancient Humans Left Africa to Escape Drying Climate

Humans migrated out of Africa as the climate shifted from wet to very dry about 60,000 years ago, according to research led by UA geoscientist Jessica Tierney.

UA Leads STEM Traineeship to Address Needs of Navajo Nation

With about 35 percent of homes in the Navajo Nation not connected to central power or drinking water, a new UA research traineeship is aimed at addressing such challenges.

Bug Off! UA Scientists Study Mosquito Control

Residents of Maricopa County are helping UA researchers in a mosquito study designed to improve methods of controlling future dengue fever and Zika outbreaks.

New Clues From Brain Structures of Mantis Shrimp

Research led by UA neuroscientists sheds light on the evolution of some of the earliest brain structures and stirs up questions about centers that support learning and memory.

CLIMAS Receives $3.75M to Bolster Resilience to Extreme Climate

Researchers at the UA-led CLIMAS program will assess how Southwestern adaptations to extreme climate are functioning — and how that might change in the future.

UA Optics Expertise Fuels $3.7M in US Funding

Researcher Robert Norwood, whose solar-energy work spans two technology development programs, has been selected for two projects by the Department of Energy.


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