Wagers Winter Plants Make to Survive

In a recently published study, UA ecologists have identified the bets that the most successful annual plants place with water resources.

Finding Solutions Where Science and Policy Meet

Udall Center for Studies on Public Policy Director Christopher Scott believes in the benefits of using science to inform policy and bringing policy into scientific research.

Four Questions: UA Experts Discuss Drought Contingency Plan

Three UA professors, each with unique areas of expertise relating to water and the Colorado River, talk about the Drought Contingency Plan and what might come next.

UA Engineers Use $1.2M Grant to Make Drinking Water Safer

Department of Defense funding will allow a team of researchers led by chemical and environmental engineering professor Reyes Sierra to advance groundwater purification methods.

Tech On Tap: UA Inventors Address World Water Woes

UA researchers have developed a number of promising solutions and inventions that are ready for companies to adopt and take out into the world.

An Odd Ball in Space: OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Studies Asteroid Bennu Up Close

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft's first close-up observations of asteroid Bennu reveal new details that pose a challenge to the mission's objective of returning a sample to Earth.

UA Engineering Alumna Puts Equality and Water First

Marla Smith-Nilson shares experiences combating gender inequality and leading an international nonprofit that supports sustainable water and toilet projects for the world’s poorest communities.

UA Student-led CatSat Mission Selected by NASA

UA students will get hands-on spacecraft hardware development experience thanks to NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative, which recently selected CatSat to fly as auxiliary payload aboard future space missions.

UA Study Suggests Possibility of Recent Underground Volcanism on Mars

A new study conducted by UA planetary scientists suggests volcanoes may have been recently boiling deep below the surface of the Red Planet.

Seeing the Forest Through the Lidar Lens

A team of ecologists used lidar technology to scan the leaf canopy of an Amazon forest and found that trees responded to drought in some surprising ways.


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