'Searching for Certainty' is Theme of UA Science Lecture Series

The UA College of Science's popular annual lecture series marks its 14th year this year.

Water, Not Temperature, Limits Global Forest Growth as Climate Warms

The changes are most evident in northern climates and at high altitudes, reports a team that includes UA scientists from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

Developing a Better, Faster Diagnostic for Cryptosporidiosis

The UA is partnering with Kerafast to license a reagent that offers the opportunity for the development of a rapid, highly sensitive diagnostic test for a common and costly zoonotic disease.

Solving the Ancient Mysteries of Easter Island

New research suggests the locations of the iconic monuments on Rapa Nui can be explained by their proximity to the island’s limited freshwater sources.

600 Trillion Suns Light up the Dawn of the Universe

Two UA-managed telescopes have aided in the serendipitous discovery of the brightest quasar ever seen in the early universe, which suggests there could be more waiting to be discovered.

UA Engineers Bring 5G Whiz to Cell Networks

UA-led research into 5G networks allows for remote surgery, autonomous vehicles and ever-faster processing speeds.

Fighting Human Disease with Birth Control… for Mosquitoes

A newly discovered protein that is crucial for egg production in mosquitoes opens a possibility for "mosquito birth control," an approach that might offer a way to reduce mosquito populations in areas of human disease transmission.

Developing an Attosecond Snapshot

Physicist Mohammed Hassan wants the UA to be the first place where humans take a photo of an electron in motion. Thanks to $1.75 million in grants, it just might happen.

UA Researchers Developing 15-Minute MRI

A team of UA researchers led by biomedical engineer Nan-kuei Chen is using a $2.1 million grant to improve MRI technologies for challenging patient populations.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Enters Close Orbit Around Bennu, Breaking Record

On December 31, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft entered into orbit around the asteroid Bennu, and made Bennu the smallest object ever to be orbited by a spacecraft.

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