The College of Science strives for the highest degree of excellence possible in the pursuit of science learning and discovery while providing its students and its wider communities with the best possible access to the fruits of those discoveries in ways that invigorate, empower, and inspire all its participants towards life-long learning. Many of the College of Science’s departments and graduate programs are ranked among the top in the United States.

Students who get involved with clubs, outreach activities, and research with a faculty member will find that UA feels much like a small college or community. To this end, both undergraduates and graduate students in the College of Science have access to:

  • Courses and research opportunities with internationally ranked, research-active faculty
  • Student clubs in each department
  • Career advising
  • Peer teaching positions for credit or pay
  • Travel opportunities for research and education
  • Excellent chance to secure top-rated fellowships and scholarships before and after graduation
  • Excellent acceptance rate into top-rated graduate and professional programs


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