School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES) produces new knowledge about earth and environmental processes and human-environment interactions at all geographic and temporal scales, provides the scientific basis for environmental and climate policy, trains the next generation of earth and environmental scientists, and disseminates knowledge and solutions for the benefit of students and society.

SEES is a federation of the College of Science units of Geosciences, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences units of the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment.

The combination of field, instrumental, computational and modeling approaches in the earth and environmental sciences within one unit is a major strength. SEES facilitates interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach/extension activities across the six participating departments and laboratories.

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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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