AGCCS (Associate Graduate Council for the College of Science)

The AGCCS is a branch of student governance that represents Arizona graduate students who study in the College of Science. Graduate students in the sciences fill many essential roles in the university's research and teaching missions. The AGCCS exists to address their academic, professional, and intellectual concerns in the college and the university.

Recent and Ongoing Projects:

Best Practices for Teaching Assistantships

In the Spring Semester of 2013, the AGCCS surveyed current and recent Graduate Teaching Assistants in the College of Science. In response to our findings, we developed a series of recommendations, addressed to academic departments in the College, for what we believe are best practices for Graduate Teaching Assistantships. Our survey and recommendations are available here.

We have also worked with the Office of Instruction and Assessment to develop a training program for new Graduate Teaching Assistants. The goal is to equip new Teaching Assistants with the instructional skills needed in the College of Science. We have held training events for new TAs in August of 2013 and 2014. Presentation materials from the 2013 event are available here.

ScienceGrads Connect Newsletter

The AGCCS produces the quarterly email newsletter ScienceGrads Connect to help inform and involve graduate students with science outreach happening at all levels across the University of Arizona. Graduate students interested in science outreach of all kinds can learn how to leverage UA Science to create and promote their own outreach programs, benefiting their research and the Tucson community.

All are welcome to browse the newsletter archives and subscribe to the listserv. Contact Kendra Murray for more information.

Women In STEM

The AGCCS has organized a Tucson-wide Women In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) group, both to bring together existing Women In STEM groups (whether on- or off-campus), as well as to support individuals in communities lacking such groups. This will allow us to share resources and networking opportunities, and to make a united effort to improve the retention of women in STEM fields in Tucson. Graduate students, undergraduates, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, staff, professionals and community members both male and female are invited to participate.

The Women In STEM group is being organized by Kate Follette.

Grad Life Seminar Series

In association with the Dean's office, we are planning a seminar series for Fall 2014 that speaks to aspects of graduate student life beyond the usual scope of classes and research.  The Grad Life Seminar Series is being planned by Javier Castillo-Montoya.

College of Science Awards

Every spring, the AGCCS and College of Science hold a reception and awards ceremony to honor graduate student excellence in scholarship, service and teaching/mentoring.  Please contact your department representative below to make nominations.  

Officers and Representatives:

Contact your representatives below about issues salient to graduate life in the College of Science.  

President Ryan Pace
Vice-President Erica Wager
Secretary Donna Viola
Treasurer Megan Nogami
Outreach Coordinator Deeraj Golla
Web Officer Andy Predoehl
Department of Astronomy/Steward Observatory Kate Follette
  Michelle Wilson
Department of Atmospheric Sciences/IAP Aishwarya Raman
  Mike Stovern
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Javier Castillo-Montoya
  Stephanie Tolbert
Department of Computer Science Andy Predoehl
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Nicole Fischer
  Julie Messier
Department of Geosciences Kendra Murray
  Devon Orme
  Andrea Stevens
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Bobby Chrisman
Department of Mathematics Megan McCormick
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology Tracey Beyer
  Ryan Pace
Department of Physics Deeraj Golla
  Henry Timmers
Department of Psychology Megan Nogami
  Brooke Reid
  Erica Wager
Department of Planetary Sciences/LPL Cecilia Leung
  Donna Viola
Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Natalie Dailey
  Reva Wilheim
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Laura Marshall