Galileo Circle

The Galileo Circle is a society of individuals whose support is critical to the continued excellence in the sciences at the University of Arizona.

Science today is more exciting than ever. From the mapping of the human genome to the mapping of our cosmos, today's physical and biological sciences are revealing both the age of our universe and many new cures to disease. The Galileo Circle is a society of engaged individuals who support the activities that nurture the future of science – a future we are just beginning to imagine.

The Galileo Circle creates meaningful connections among patrons and scholars. Through seminars, lectures and scientific excursions, Galileo Circle members embark on journeys to understand our scientific past, and to imagine the profound possibilities for our future.

Galileo Circle Membership Benefits

Galileo Circle members receive special invitations to the following events:

  • Galileo Circle Lecture and Dinner, Scholars Luncheon, and Fellows Reception
  • Exclusive Galileo Circle science travel trips
  • College of Science seminars, lectures and special events

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