An endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is invested and only the annual interest income is available for use to support the endowment purpose. As the investment fund grows (or with additional contributions to the principal by donors), the annual income also grows. With a strong endowment base of support, the UA College of Science will be able to maintain a consistent and long-term standard of excellence despite economic fluctuations or the vagaries of State of Arizona budget allocations. Endowments create a lasting legacy and can have an incredible impact on students, faculty and research at the College of Science. Donor designated and named endowments can be established with $25,000 and endowed support can grow into the $1-$2 million range to support faculty chairs. A donor may also choose to support an existing endowment at any level that is within their financial capability. The opportunities to support endowments in the College of Science are limitless.

Endowed Faculty Support

One of the most lasting gifts one may make to a university is to provide a source of endowed funds to support faculty. When donors provide funds to endow a chair or a professorship, they are making a prominent and permanent investment in an academic institution.

Endowed Chairs
Investments starting at $1 million
An endowed chair, named for the donor, is one of the highest honors a university faculty member may receive. It recognizes an outstanding professor currently on the faculty, or it may be used as an incentive to recruit prominent faculty to the University of Arizona. While it is a prestigious honor for the faculty member, it can also be a source of great pride for the donor and supporters who originally establish the chair, since they would know they have played a key role in the future success of the UA College of Science academic enterprise.

Endowed chair holders will help to recruit outstanding faculty and students to their program, serve as mentors for younger faculty members, and engage in innovative research. All told, the initial investment in an endowed chair becomes a significant source of future resources to the academic enterprise.

Endowed Visiting Professorships
Investments starting at $750,000
Visiting professorships provide the College or a department a source of rotating appointments for distinguished visiting scholars from other universities. These scholars draw on the visiting professorship funds as a supplement to their current salary, and their term is usually for one or two semesters. Given the College's international reputation, a visiting professor can result in the enhancement of the cultural and academic life of the University during that professor's stay on campus.

Endowed Distinguished Professorships
Investments starting at $500,000
An endowed distinguished professorship helps the College recruit outstanding candidates by providing supplemental salary or program support for that faculty member. These professorships may also be used to recognize and reward outstanding faculty who have achieved academic success at the highest level and may be in demand by competing institutions.

Endowed Lectureships
Investments starting at $100,000
One of the most appealing features of the academic experience is the opportunity to "talk shop" with distinguished scientists from all over the world. An endowed lectureship provides a stable source of funding to bring leading researchers and scientists to the University of Arizona to lecture and interact with our students and faculty.

Scholarships and Fellowships
Scholarships and fellowships offer donors the opportunity to provide a university education for deserving students and to recruit the very best students for the academic and research programs within the UA College of Science. Privately funded scholarship and fellowship opportunities allow the UA to compete with other top universities for the most promising undergraduate and graduate students.

Capital Projects and Building Projects
In order to maintain its reputation for strong academic and research programs and to be able to attract faculty and students, the College needs modern laboratory and classroom space. A number of major building projects are under way or set to break ground: an 80,000 square foot addition to the Chemistry building and a new Environment and Natural Resources Building (ENRB II) to house several College of Science programs as well as additional space for new collaborative research programs with the U.S. Geological Survey. Private support opportunities are available to donors at many levels and include naming opportunities for buildings, classrooms, laboratories and public spaces.

Laboratory Endowment Support
The College of Science is home to a large share of the laboratory research activity at the University of Arizona. Modern laboratory facilities are vital to our student training and research activity, but the technology that drives cutting-edge science is expensive and changes very quickly. The need is constant for equipment upgrades or replacement and for expendable supplies and other expenses to maintain the utility of these laboratories.

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