Arizona Geological Survey

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) serves as a primary source of geologic information to enhance public understanding of the geologic character, geologic hazards, and mineral resources of Arizona. AZGS staff conduct research and investigations in general geology, geologic resources, environmental geology, and geologic hazards in Arizona, and provide the results of these investigations to governmental agencies, private industry, and the general public. AZGS is engaged in outreach efforts to make educators and the general public aware of the importance of geologic resources in sustaining our society and geologic hazards that negatively impact the state. In addition, AZGS is involved in national and international efforts to make geologic data readily available for use in assessments of resource potential and development, and global environmental change. AZGS activities are mandated in part by Arizona state statute (SB 1530). In July 2016, AZGS joined the University of Arizona’s College of Science after a 28-year stint in Arizona state government. Our roots as Arizona’s Earth Science agency go back to the appointment of the first Arizona Territorial Geologist in 1887.

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The Arizona Geological Survey

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