Sky Island Science Investigators

Location: Field classes at Tumamoc Hill, Catalina Mountains, & Portable Classroom Visit

Sky Island Science Investigators (formerly Tumamoc Citizen-Scientists) connects schoolchildren with the ongoing scientific research at Tumamoc Hill and the Catalina Mountains. We offer a variety of field classes, where students collect data and evaluate changes over time. Class topics cover dendrochronology, ecology, geology, archaeology, and biology. We also offer portable classroom visits – bringing science to you! This outreach program is innovative in that schoolchildren become the scientists, not just learn about scientific concepts.

Audience: Grades 4 - 12

Science Field: Archaeology, Biology, Earth Sciences, Ecology, General Science, Geology

For more venue information: Call Pamela Pelletier at 5202489933 or

Cost: Our field classes are free.

Contact: Pamela Pelletier at 520-248-9933 or