Biosphere 2

Location: Biosphere 2, Oracle, AZ


The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 has a unique history that has led to its current purpose and mission in the College of Science to serve as a center for research, outreach, teaching and life-long learning about Earth, its living systems, and its place in the universe. The name “Biosphere 2” derives from the idea that it is modeled on Earth, the first biosphere. There are five ecosystems under glass including: ocean, mangrove wetlands, tropical rainforest, savanna grassland, and fog desert.

Visits to Biosphere 2 can include an interactive tour that provides a historical overview of the Biosphere 2 project, a look inside “under-the-glass” at the biological systems within the structure, and a discussion of past and current research underway, including emphasis on the current flagship study: the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO).

Audience: K-12 with tour available; special, hands-on programs for grades 5-12.

Science Field: Biology, Earth Sciences, Ecology, General Science, Hydrology, and Physics

Schedule: Teachers may reserve a time for the visit by contacting To make an immediate group booking, please call 520-838-6200 between 9am-4pm. Group bookings with less than 72 hours notice require an additional service fee of $40 and are based on availability.

Cost: $10 per student with a minimum of 20 students; for smaller group sizes please contact us.

Contact: Matt Adamson, Education and Outreach, Biosphere 2,, 520-838-6137

Consider adding a hands-on, standards-based activity to your B2 experience!  Enriching Environmental Science Lessons for Students at Biosphere 2. 

Grades 4-6:
“Water Makes the World Go Round”; The Water Cycle: what it is, how it works, and why it’s important.

Grades 5-9:
“Introduction to Climate Change”; Climate versus
weather, the greenhouse effect, and what we can do.

Grades 6-9:
“Planet Water”; The distribution of Earth’s water, how water moves, Arizona river mapping.

High School: The program, known as the Inquiry Based Standards Aligned Curriculum in Hydrology (IBSACH) is designed to teach the scientific method, teach Arizona high school science standards, and show students how their classroom studies are important for understanding the earth.  The program fits especially well with biology and physics classes.

Please go to our website at for more details about each activity. These special, hands-on programs are limited to 60 students on the day of the visit. Group must be able to spend 3.5 hours on-site (time includes a tour, activity, and time for lunch on-site). Cost: $15.00 per student (includes B2 tour which is normally $10.00 per student).